• ï   I am grateful that I was able to attend the retreat despite the difficulties encountered being the pilot run of the program. I learned a lot and made discoveries on what needs to be improved the next time. – Mayren F. Cogtas
  • ï   The 33DMG inspired me to develop the habit of praying the Rosary daily. Praying has become natural and communing with Mother Mary is now very personal. – Mila P. Alarde
  • ï   Before 33DMG I was a worrier, now I am a warrior for Mary. I have come to realize the importance of my parents. The accident they recently met was an awakening. – Shenelle A. Lerasan
  • ï   Happy to be with Dilaab. Although i already have previous entrustment to Mary, the 33DMG made me know MAary more and I have developed the habit of a praying more meaningfully. – Lucille R. Maata
  • ï   Prayer is more powerful if directed thru Mary. – Ma. Georgia F. Cogtas


  • ï   Although the Act of Consecration to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal was already a part of my devotions, the 33DMG Retreat deepened my Faith through learning more about Mary. I have discovered that things just fall into place. – Nietto J. Sanchez
  • ï   After the 33DMG Retreat, I had a better appreciation for the Simplicity of Mary. We don’t need anything grand. We just go back to the basics. I introduced the Rosary to my grandchildren and explain its significance in the simplest terms. – Charlene E. Hamoy
  • ï   I have found answers to my questions about my faith. The retreat gave me an idea on what to do. – Yoly B. Casas
  • ï   I was already drawn to Mary even during my younger years although I did struggle to keep praying the Rosary regularly. The 33DMG deepened my understanding of Mary. It is easy to sanctify oneself through Mary. I have always experienced Mama Mary’s intercession and I will forever be grateful. I desire to become an unknown Saint and I know with Jesus through Mary all things are possible. – Joy S. Villanueva
  • ï   The 33DMG made me closer to Mary and is an affirmation of who Mary is in my life. If I have problems, I go to Mary. – Girlie S. Sanchez
  • ï   The 33DMG was a call to me by Our Lady of Lourdes in whose devotion I donned a white dress with blue sash during my younger years…then forgot about it. She “asked” me to be focused on her again when my participation in the 1st batch did not push through, only to be drawn into the 2nd batch so fortuitously. This 2nd batch had our solemn consecration on Feb. 11, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. – Marlina Angbetic-Tan

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