Our Story

We started as three different groups trying to address blatant problems that seriously undermined the integrity of Filipino society at the start of the 21st century.

How We
Came to Be

In the year 2000, Friends of Pedro Foundation, Inc. reached out to address the psycho-spiritual needs of Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. A year later, Kamatuoran (“Truth”) boldly faced the threats of illegal drugs in Cebu. By 2004, Barug Pilipino Inc. (“Make a Stand Filipino”) — an offshoot of the successful effort to reverse the questionable impeachment of then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — became a vehicle in the aspiration of bringing about a corruption-intolerant Philippines.

All three organizations merged into Dilaab Foundation Inc. in 2005. It was three children giving birth to a mother. Its programs and services are:

1) articulating a spirituality of social transformation;

2) developing and/or channeling technologies of concrete action;

3) and providing connectivity for individuals and groups desiring social transformation.

Like the spiritual fire in Acts 2:3 from which the group’s name is derived, Dilaab has been able to ignite spiritual energies through prayerful reading of the Bible, forming of circles of discernment, and providing pastoral accompaniment.

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President's Corner

marlinda-tanStoker of the flame

And so we continue to stoke the flame, no matter how difficult it is to be persistent in the openness to God’s call whenever and however it may be. Because fire is a duality that destroys what is unnecessary and evil, even as it purifies what is good and valuable. Read More

Contact Us

2/F IEC Pavilion, Pope John
Paul II Avenue, Mabolo
6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Email: info@dilaab.org

Contact Numbers:
Cellphone +63 917 3248388
Telephone +63 32 2626145

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