Our Vision

A network of circles of discernment accompanying the Filipino nation in the journey towards integrity.

Who We Are


To help translate the good intentions of public servants, electorate, and the youth into action for the good of the community, with and through companions.

Core Values

1. Nurtured by the Scripture, Eucharist, and Church teachings

2. Poverty in spirit

3. Faithfulness and courage

4. Integrity

5. Sense of family


1. To engage in social discourse and shape public agenda on corruption-intolerance advocacy.

2. To develop individuals and groups to become pastoral companions with the right spirit and values, special skills and discipline required to accompany public servants, electorate, and the youth.

3. To help emerge God-fearing candidates and to accompany electorate in forming their social consciences.

4. To develop an organization of effective professionals with creative approaches in the implementation of the programs.

5. To form and cultivate a community of employees and volunteers growing as a family.

President's Corner

marlinda-tanStoker of the flame

And so we continue to stoke the flame, no matter how difficult it is to be persistent in the openness to God’s call whenever and however it may be. Because fire is a duality that destroys what is unnecessary and evil, even as it purifies what is good and valuable. Read More

Contact Us

2/F IEC Pavilion, Pope John
Paul II Avenue, Mabolo
6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Email: info@dilaab.org

Contact Numbers:
Cellphone +63 917 3248388
Telephone +63 32 2626145

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